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There are so many and they all look so much alike so they all are called Red.  They're always grooming the farm picking up grubs and seeds but stealing feed is much more fun.


Look out for this trumpeting pair. They strut around like the own the place but Mr and Mrs G are totally in love and also love a free feed.


Oh there are just so many Lambs, and every year there are many more. Towards the end of winter and early spring there are younger lambs just newly born. Far too many to mention here,but keep an eye out for Toffee, Dice, Snow, Spot, Buggsy, Speckles, Beast and Rusty


There's trouble makers in every clan and baby goats are always it. They climb on things and run and play and when they see you coming they push in for all the attention. Miss personality, Sooty and her orphaned friend Mini will be first to greet along with Minis 3 boys AK, BK and CK, but which one is which?

Mrs Sheep's

All the sheep were born on the Hobby Farm including Sambucca who is our oldest female sheep, Champagne, Zulu, GinGin and Mady who will give ewe a kiss. There many more of different breeds including Mogwoy, Opal, Moet, Blush and Sweet. They're all as friendly as can be and like all mothers the just love the attention of children.


They're big and tall with funny hair but these are gentle ladies with angelic names. Take your time to meet them all, Gabrial, Eve, Beauty, Angel and Princess all love a pat and a feed 

The Neighbours

We're often graced by visiting neighbours - The Cockatoos, The lorikeets and many more.  We never know when they will be there but they are never very far away

The Ram

The ram's name is Buddy and he's the granddaddy to all the lambs. Buddy comes form Penny's family farm, far far away. He shall follow his sheep all the day to make sure none shall stray but he will still have time to "Gidday"



The proud masters of ceremony are Mr and Mrs P and their 2 little ones, P1 and P2. They are the grand masters of display and happy to show off to you at any chance they get